Activists and the homeless prepare for September 1st battle with police for Hobo Park

Hobo Park (officially Lucas Park) lies in the shadow of Washington Avenue development and is about to disappear from the landscape of few public places available to the homeless who refuse to be forced into mainstream shelters. Hobo Park has a rich history as a refuge to The St. Louis Homeless population. “Ferrell”, a park regular commented, “I have been here for the better part of fifteen years. This has always been a place where homeless people can just chill out. This has basically been a park were no crime happened. Just people looking for a place to kill time and avoid being treated like children in the traditional homeless facilities in this city”

Several park residents commented that they believe that September 1st will be the big showdown between the homeless and the police, which have become an occupying force to many of this city’s residents.

[What's Up Magazine]


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