Vigils Supporting Cindy Sheehan Tonite

From the newswire: 17 Aug 2005 Locations and # of people registered for Vigils in this area:
UPDATE 4:30PM: 12th and U: OVER 25, Dupont Circle: OVER 150, The White House: OVER 480, Arlington/Clarendon Metro: OVER 310, Bethesda: OVER 280, Silver Spring: OVER 200, Takoma Park: OVER 170, Laurel: OVER 100 Greenbelt: OVER 100, Mount Rainier: 25, Cheverly: 15, and Alexandria:OVER 230. For more information go to the web site.
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** FURTHER UPDATE**: There are reports coming in that several Free Republic members are going into hysterical fits over the success of the support vigils for Cindy Sheehan's anti-war message.


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