Haiti: Attacks, Arrests, and Undemocratic Elections

"Haiti: Attacks, Arrests, and Undemocratic Elections" -- Human rights investigator Tom Griffin reports on his latest visit and more.

One of our highest-profile stars returns: Haiti
human-rights investigator Tom Griffin, Esq., who
recently wrote to us: "I just got back from a rest
in Haiti. I was not investigating, but only
travelling to see old friends. It was renewing.
The people continue to struggle with a bright light
in their eyes. Unbelievable hope. We should be
ashamed of our selfish selves."

Topics include:

* Griffin's recent trip to Haiti, why he fell in
love with the people there, and why their cause
is worth taking up.
* Upcoming elections and how undemocratic they are.
* The arrest and false imprisonment of a Lavalas
(banned majority party) leader, Father Jean-
Juste, accused of kidnapping and murder.
* The resignation of Roger Noriega, orchestrator of
* The July 6 attack on poor neighborhoods, by the
UN with the Haitian National Police.
* Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and why you want
Congress and the Department of Homeland
Security to grant it to Haiti.

Haiti Insight

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