Cities and Towns Around the Country Hold August 17th Vigils with Cindy Sheehan


On August 17th over 1,620 vigils were held all over the US in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, who is camping in Crawford, Texas as she waits for President Bush to agree to meet with her. Her son Casey was a soldier who was killed in Iraq last year. Her son Casey Sheehan was a soldier who was killed in Iraq last year. While TrueMajority,, and Democracy For America helped to organize the vigils, corporate media coverage of the events has focused disportionately on the efforts of these organizations, rather than on the genuine outpouring of support from the tens of thousands of people who turned up all over North America to share in Cindy's anti-war message.

The list continues to grow as Indymedia reports have come back in from Binghamton, Houston, Richmond, New York City, Tulsa, and across Cascadia. Lots of sites also have photos of the vigils available: Photos from Camp Casey | Photos from San Francisco: Federal Building | 24th & Mission | Photos From Berkeley: Adeline and Ashby | Solano Ave | Acton Street | The French Hotel | Photos From Oakland | Photos From Sacramento | Photos from LA | Photos From All Over The US .

Local Camp Caseys have been opened all over the US, such as Camp Casey San Francisco. Military mothers are calling for the president to join them Friday to pray for the troops in Iraq.

Hundreds have joined Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas, to demand that the president come out and talk with her. Sheehan will be moving her camp closer to Bush's ranch after she was offered the use of a piece of land by a supporter. The white crosses to honor dead soldiers that were set up at her current camp will not be moved when she relocates. They were vandalized Monday night, and people will stay at the camp to monitor them.

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Vigils in San Diego County

Vigil For Cindy - 4 miles away
End of the bike path @ Dog Beach in Ocean Beach
265 registered participant(s) (300 maximum)

Lights on for Cindy - 6 miles away
Mission Bay S.D. Visitor Info Center
357 registered participant(s) (500 maximum)

Silent Vigil in Spreckels Park - 2 miles away
Spreckels Park at 6th & Orange
60 registered participant(s) (100 maximum)

Candlelight Procession to Twiggs Coffee - 3 miles away
4430 arch street
50 registered participant(s) (50 maximum) Event is full

Candlelight Vigil in Kensington - 3 miles away
Kensington Park/Library
52 registered participant(s) (50 maximum) Event is full

Mira Mesa Candlelight Vigil - 13 miles away
Public Park across from MMHS
75 registered participant(s) (200 maximum)

Moonlight Vigil - 23 miles away
Moonlight Beach, Encinitas
426 registered participant(s) (500 maximum)


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