Klamath River film night Sunday Sep 25: Free the Klamath, bring down the dams

Come see "Salmon on the Backs of Buffalo" and other films on the Klamath Salmon and dams including a new video featuring underwater footage of the Klamath Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Lamprey. Native Speakers will share their environmental justice stories along with how to get involved with the struggle to force Portland-based Pacific Power (a subsidiary of Scottish Power) to take down the Klamath dams that now block hundreds of miles of fish habitat, and how to insure there will never again be a massive fish kill like the one that killed over 60,000 adult salmon in 2002.

Many of us from the Klamath River and other areas in Southern Oregon are coming to Portland on the Oxygen Collective bio-diesel bus because Pacific Power's headquarters is located in Portland. And we hope to drum up support to stop Pacific Power from killing more fish. We want to bring the salmon home to the upper Klamath Basin. Rides are available from Happy Camp, Ashland, and Eugene on the Oxygen Collective bus. There will also be a discussion on future protests in Portland to support the people and the animals of the Klamath River Portland Contact Number: (503) 493-7495 Other contact number 541 951-0126


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