The Sumac Centre needs help !


The Sumac Centre is an independent community and activist resource centre in Nottingham. It is made up of a community cafe, social club, radical/social library, art exhibition space, Veggies catering campaign, filmnights, talks, meeting spaces and the residents. The centre is used by various local groups, collectives and individuals working towards social change and sustainability. It has hosted many national and international gatherings in the past and hopes to continue to do so. The centre is entirely run by volunteers


At the moment the centre is in need of help. Mainly due to reduced use of the centre/bar/cafe over the summer and mortgage rates increasing. At the moment there is a shortage of volunteers meaning the centre can't be open as much. We would like to continue to support and promote the work of many campaigns and individuals and continue the work we do in our local community...

More Links: Workday October 8th | Sumac Website | Regular Events | More information on volunteering


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