Simultaneous Anti-War Protests in UK and US

On Saturday 24th September tens of thousands of people took part in an anti-war demonstration in London [pics and report]. Organised by Stop the War Coalition, CND and MAB, the "March for Justice and Liberties" called for troops to pull out of Iraq as well as protesting against the ongoing erosion of civil liberties. Two feeder marches set off from East and South London, joining the main march at Parliament Square and taking two hours to reach Hyde Park for a rally. Organisers said up to 100,000 people had taken part, while police claimed only 10,000 people attended (see numbers controversy 1 | 2).

London Multimedia Reports: [March Pictures 1 | 2 | 3 ] [Rally Pictures 1 | 2 ] [Placards and Banner Pictures 1 | 2 | 3 ] [Audio Interviews + Rally Speeches 1 | 2 ] [Video Reports 1 | 2 | 3 ]
See also Cambridge Peace Procession and USAF Croughton Peace Picnic

America Protest Reports: Meanwhile in the US hundreds of thousands marched against the iraq war and US military spending priorities in what activists say was a important illustration of the changing mood in America. Organisers said over 300,000 people joined the march on Washington, though again there was disagreement over the numbers [report]. Up to 50,000 people marched in San Francisco, and 15,000 in Los Angeles, while smaller protests were held in many other towns and cities across the US. See United for Peace and Justice | September Action


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