PhillyIMC General Meeting

The next PhillyIMC general meeting will take place on Wednesday, Sept 28 at LAVA - 4134 Lancaster Ave at 7pm. Come one, come all! Click 'read more' for details.

Here is the action-packed lineup:

6:00pm Steering Committee Meeting
7:00pm General Meeting

Both are open to everyone. An agenda is below. COME!!!!!!

Steering Committee:

The steering committee meets quarterly, and does boring administrative stuff. See here for details:

+ Finances: Aaron C. and Amy J. are working to take the baton from Amy D. on admin issues. Aaron C. and Amy J. are working on writing a report to Bread and Roses and helping Volta on a report to Resist! more info:

+ Meeting Facilitation / Communication: make sure that meetings are happening and that notes are being taken etc.

+ Legal: report back on legal issues

General Meeting

+ Video Team Report back

Martin is helping to form a Video team, that has already produced some shorts, is working on a phillyimc psa, and is hoping to produce weekly content

+ Outreach Report back

Todd will give a report back on our different outreach efforts in the near and longer term.

+ Walmart Report back

There is work being done to cover walmart in an upcoming week of action in November that is getting attention nationwide

+ NAMAC conference

+ Strategic Meeting preparation

Strategic meeting is set for Oct 15th. What do we need to do to prepare?

+Tech Report back

We have some new techs involved! Will also give a report back on the status of the server and the continued outage we are experiencing.


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