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returning to the classes; returning to the student struggle

the european education space and its limitations: European Higher Education Space: Public University or Europe of the Capital? ::: Bologna Process. The reconfiguration of European universities ::: The Bologna treaty and what it involves ::: they pretend to eliminate the humanities degree ::: qualifications catalogue or a policy of accomplished facts? ::: public education, a constant degradation... ::: the PMDUP against university privatization ::: Protest: No to the Bologna process, in defense of public university ::: evaluation of the II education european forum in Norway, by Alternativa Estel ::: Chronicle of the World Festival of Youth and Students

[October 7,8 and 9 in Sueca] the CEPC is 5 years old!

[Oct 29 - Nov 1 in Córdoba] Iberic Social Forum for Education

related news: coaches from barcelona for the events of the 5th anniversary of the CEPC ::: Number 3 of l'estaca already published! ::: Joint manifesto of Alternativa Estel and CEPC for September 11 in the Fossar de les Moreres ::: abusive prices for carrying on studying ::: Dacco Project: English-Catalan translation in open code ::: Endogamy in the universities of the Spanish state ::: campaign of Escola valenciana for translating to Valencian the centers names :::Exhibition: Underground student press in the Països Catalans (1971-1976)

waiting for November 17: international student struggle and mobilization journey

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