"We hope you will give it your serious attention, and we look forward to your reply."

On September 27th, the Santa Cruz City Council voted, UNANIMOUSLY, to resubmit a letter to the House Judiciary Committee of the United Sates Congress calling for the investigation and possible impeachment of all the members of the Bush Administration who have had anything to do with the war in Iraq, the "war on terror," and/or the treatment of the prisoners of those wars.

The original letter (.pdf) was sent on September 10th of 2003, but NO ANSWER was ever received! The HJC blew off both the Council and this Community!! In a moment of levity that got many laughs, Council Member Tim Fitzmaurice suggested that, this time, they send the letter "certified, return receipt required" and he would donate the money to do so!

Though the action in 2003 was reported world wide, what was not reported was the fact that in the 10 DAYS! following that vote, the council phone lines were jammed all day with calls from all over the country, from folks thanking and congratulating them for standing up and speaking out!! And that was two years ago!

The new cover letter, explaining why the Council is resubmitting their original letter, is copied below. Clearly, the evidence supporting the original concerns of this community has increased vastly in these last two years!! And in a recent poll taken after the release of the Downing Street Memos in May, over 47% of the people polled said they thought Bush should be impeached if he had lied about the reasons for invading Iraq.

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