No Borders Actions


Over 500 marched in Bolton on Saturday in solidarity with the Sukula Family, against Section 9 and for an end to all immigration controls.

The Sukula Family is one among many who after the proposed introduction of Section 9 is threatened to be separated and have their children taken into care. Their pledge for asylum was rejected and they do not receive any benefits. Bolton city council still refuses the implementation of Section 9, currently tested in a few northern councils which would oblige them to take the kids of the Sukula Family into care on the grounds that their parents cannot support them. The council argues that this would violate the family-protection act and the cost of it would be higher than continuing paying benefits to the family. The support of the Sukula family and the opposition against Section 9 brought together groups and unions from various northern cities and town. Two Unions decided in a consensus vote of their members to refuse to participate in implementing Section 9. Speakers reminded the crowd of the importance to build local and regional networks of solidarity and resistance aganist the racsist policies of the British and EU governenments.


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