NAIL campaign hammers on...


The campaign group NAIL (Nottingham against Inciteration and Landfill) has stepped up it's campaign to stop the Eastcroft incinertor near Sneinton from expanding. Last Saturday over 50 people gathered on the Market Square to voice their opposition to the controversial plan to expand the activities of the waste burning incinerator, which is surrounded by residental areas. The protest was the outcome of a well attended public meeting a few weeks ago. NAIL had previously staged a protest at an exhibition organised by WRG (Waste Recycling Group) who owns the incinerator and has submitted the application for expansion.

Nottinghamshire Indymedia has started working on a short film about the incinerator and specifically about the campaign against the possible expansion. Anyone wanting to do an interview, add facts or just interested, please see the Notts Indymedia Film Documentation.

A campaign group was also set up in Mansfield, where there are plans to build a new mixed waste burning unit at the Crown Farm Industrial Estate in the Forest Town area. MAIN (Mansfield Against Incineration) has held several well attended public meetings since early summer. Mansfield MP Alan Meale gave his support to the group. See their website for more information. Both campaign groups are supported by Greenpeace, Notts Friends of the Earth, Nottingham Green Party and CABS (Clean Air for Bakersfield and Sneinton).

Photos: Protest on the Market Square | Previous action against incinerator | NAIL public meeting

Links: View the planning application submitted by WRG | Website Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill, (NAIL) | Website Mansfield Against Incineration, (MAIN) | Download MAIN Petition | Download MAIN Campaign Update | Previous feature article on Notts Indymedia


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