CNN: Defending The Police State


So here's that paragon of objective reporting, Aaron Brown of CNN, asking the 64 year-old Grandpa who just got the living shit beat out of him by four white cops if he was on 'drugs'when the cops went apeshit. 'Of course not', came the obviously truthful reply. Brown's tack was pre-scripted. Since the event, seen globally, the media mantra has been "Those poor cops, they're just overworked". Poor Grandpa, half is face is a big red scab, and Brown is asking if what the cops say is true, that he 'fell'. Grandpa breaks out into a hearty laugh and Brown's face registers confusion. It's a Black thing, Aaron. You wouldn't understand. Then Brown brings the robotic Anderson Cooper aboard to remind us once again how stressed out the poor cops are. Did I mention the five minutes they allowed the crazy officers'lawyer? He pontificated upon each blow, as CNN conveniently slowed the video clip, and calmly explained how the horrible beating you were seeing was really another thing altogether. An acceptable thing. Shades of Rodney King! Cooper's spin is that of a professional idiot who keeps asking "Is this proper procedure?" Of course it is, for Attilla the Hun. Cooper is also CNN's point guy on 911 coverup pieces. Debunking all '911 Truth" tellers is his forte'. Endless mercurial analysis on these news shows will eventually dilute the impact of this affair. Cooper again- "The cop is kicking him in the head twice as he lies in his own pool of blood- is this normal procedure?" If Cooper can't tell, he's not even a member of the human race. "It's just not the best way to deal with this" he finalizes. [ read more ]

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