LASC introduce two new films from Latin America on opening night of Videoactive Film Festival

Friday November 11th, 7pm @ Filmbase, Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. First night of a weekend of films, Q+A sessions, and workshops. For the opening night of the 2nd Videoactive Film Festival, Indymedia and Sustainable Ireland are proud to present two new films from Latin America at 7pm in Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple bar. The Latin American Solidarity Centre in Dublin will introduce the screenings from Bolivia and Argentina. The first is "The War of the Gas", filmed during the national rebellion in October 2003, when a plan to sell off public resources met with popular resistance, mirroring in some aspects the current situation in Ireland with Shell and the Mayo pipeline. The second is "Paso a las Luchadoras (Open The Road to The Women Fighters)" and focuses on how women in South America have taken up the struggle for their liberation by their own hand. A new cycle of conflict developed in Bolivia in September 2003 as worker unions, coca farmers and ordinary citizens united to prevent the sale of the nation’s gas reserves to the United States through a Chilean port. In a country whose economic identity has been strongly shaped by U.S. pressure in the war on drugs and IMF structural adjustments, The Gas War is the most recent case where the Bolivian public has vehemently protested against foreign interests taking priority over the country’s economic well being. "The War of the Gas" documents what happened when the country's army, supplied by the US military, stepped in and attacked the rebellion. "Paso a las luchadoras" was made by the Ojo Obrero Collective in Argentina. The women in the film declare that their oppression is created by the capitalist social system, and manifested by a lack of jobs, the double burden of exploitation that working women face, domestic and institutional violence and in the lack of freedom to govern one’s own body (abortion remains illegal in Argentina). Living their vision every day, they are struggling to create an independent assembly of the working class as the way forward for the fight for working women’s power. Representatives from LASC will introduce these films and give a brief overview about what is happening in Latin America at present. Admission to the films is only €5. All proceeds will go back into the festival. More information about the festival will be published on the site in the following days. Please check back regularly for updates.


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