Joe And His Technicolor Pedicab

New environmentally-friendly Pedicab business launched in Jenks, Oklahoma New environmentally-friendly Pedicab business launched in Jenks, Oklahoma New Pedicab business in Jenks, Oklahoma SAT. 15 OCT 2005 0800 CDT Copyright Dan Chang, 2005 Tulsa, OK--Joe Henretty is a quiet, unassuming everyday working man with few words. But, he operates a business more common on the streets of Jakarta, and not usually visited by most Oklahomans. Joe is the owner/operator of Golzern Pedicabs. In case you have been in America too long, and you think hip is low-cut jeans, pedicabs are human-powered taxis. To those of us who are not used to pungent Asian grocery stores filled with live chickens, pedicabs look like a mad scientist's idea of a lovemobile. The front end looks like a bicycle. The back end is a love seat on bolted onto two wheels. On any given day, Joe will taxi customers anywhere in Jenks. Jenks is a small suburb of Tulsa, perched precariously close on to the Arkansas River. Normally cruising Jenks' newest attraction, Riverwalk Crossing, Joe will pedicab you to the Jenks' Riverside Airport, to Antique Row, and any nursing home you wish to visit. All within Jenks city limits. What's the charge? The service is free. Tips are much welcomed. It's hot. The legs turn to noodles after the shift. And, he's got a mortgage too. Asked why Jenks, Joe replies, "Tulsa is not very friendly to small businesses."  


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