Vigil When 2,000 Deaths are Announced

Candlelight Vigil when the Oregonian announces 2000 Americans have died in Iraq At 7:00 pm on the day they announce 2000 American deaths, line the railings along Waterfront Park and the Esplanade between Hawthorne and Morrison Bridges.

Bring a candle, and join us in vigil to bear witness for all who have died in this war. No leaders, no chants, just candlelight across the river bearing witness. Westside will be at Waterfront Park, east side along the Esplanade.

There might be 25 of us, or 250, or 2500. Our number isn't the point. The horrendous numbers of deaths is the point, and our moral opposition to this war is why we will be there. Please spread the word and keep your eye on the Oregonian's count.


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