Kaady Grand Jury Day


We spent the morning standing outside of the Clackamas County Courthouse. We got to the courthouse at 10 o'clock and stood with pictures of Fouad as people milled around going about their daily business. Once in awhile someone would stop to ask what we were doing there, and we spent time explaining the circumstances of Fouad's death. Channel 6 news was also there and a reporter fron NPR came later. Just as the Kaady family began to arrive, Channel 8 news also joined the group. A man carrying a flag which read "Justice", who was also at the demonstration in Sandy on Saturday stood on the corner across from the court house. I was a little sorry that so few of us who were not of the Kaady family showed up. Fouad's sisters do wonderful jobs of speaking for the family so we faded into the background as they arrived and came on home. I am attaching one picture of the event. [ read more ]

Fouad Kaady's Killer back at work before the Grand Jury even hears testimony

Officer Bergin of the Sandy Police Department has been back to work for a week now, according to the Gresham Outlook. He has been doing "desk duty" doing paperwork and reviewing background checks for potential reserve officers. Therefore, it looks like they already thought they knew the outcome of a Grand Jury before they even met to decide whether an indictment is handed down. Of course, this was before they knew that Fouad Kaady was Zaki's cousin. How could an officer be checking background information for potential officers when he has been charged with a most serious crime? How do people in Sandy live under these people? WOW! It really amazes me. We found three more witnesses Saturday in Sandy, eyewitnesses who have not been called. [ read more ]

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