Report back from 10/15/05 Fouad Kaady demonstration in Sandy, Oregon


At Sandy, Oregon on this 15th day of October, at 2pm, in the parking lot bounded by the library, subway sandwich shop, and the police station, about 35 people gathered to raise the awareness of the public regarding the fate of 27 year old Fouad Kaady, brought to his death September 8th of this year by the guns of a Sandy policeman, mid-20's and a Clackamas County Sheriff, mid-40's.

Bright overcast skies with breaks of sun and temperature in the 60's had people introducing themselves to each other, consulting about how signs they were making should read, and choosing locations on either side of the island, created by swift moving multi-lane traffic of highway 26, east bound traffic on the south, and west bound traffic to the north, upon which central downtown Sandy sits.

People held up about 10 nice big signs with the text "Unlawful Death in sandy, oregon by the Police", lots of smaller ones, and a couple large size photos of Fouad, one poster size in a very egaging depiction of his natural youth and vigor.

At first, to considerable degree, people driving by seemed to register blank faces of incomprehension, not too much horn tooting in recognition. Maybe it was just that demonstrators hadn't yet polished their manner of relating to the public passing by. After about an hour, hour and a half, things started snappin' and many, many motorists attention was drawn to the text of handmade signs such as "Release toxicology reports...It's the law", "Don't shoot me, I'm dressed" and simply, "Don't shoot. Amen", juxtoposed against the large poster picture and the 10 big signs. [ read more ]

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