Community Comes Out to Discuss the Drug Free Zone

Tonight, 11/01/05, community members, city officials, public defenders and others met to discuss the future of the Prostitution Free Zone (PFZ) and the Drug Free Zones (DFZ), specifically the Beech Area. The discussion was held at Emmanuel Temple (1032 North Sumner) and facillitated by Bishop Wells and Amalia Alarcon.

Bishop Wells is from the church, Amalia is the manager of NRC-ONI (Neighborhood Resource Center-Office of Neighborhood Involvement). I learned of the discussion through my neighborhood association, and was surprised at the turnout for the discussion, especially to see Mayor Potter and Police Chief Foxworth in attendence.

The evening was prefaced by Maria Rubio, the policy manager for public safety, she began the opening remarks. She talked abstractly about the DFZ and at some point said she felt that the DFZ was "a good tool to immediately remove people" from the DFZ. After she spoke, Mayor Potter had a few brief words, declaring that he was pro-community and that the discussion tonight wasnt just about the PFZ/DFZ (i dont think he continued to state what else it was about) and that he also had issues with the current DFZ.

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