AUDIO FILE: Oregon DEQ Proposes To Relax Water Quality Standards

A group of Oregon's conservation leaders held a Press Conference in front of the Department of Environmental Quality building in late October to protest proposed changes to water quality regulations. These proposed changes were funded by a grant from Northwest Pulp and Paper Association, who will profit by these regulations being relaxed.

Mark introduced the subject matter and why the Conference was being held in front of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality building. "Water is an incredibly valuable resource in this state, something that we all hold very dear. And the agency charged with protecting the quality of that water is this agency right here, the Oregon DEQ, the Department of Environmental Quality. In 2002, the NW Pulp and Paper Association entered into a contract with this agency, Oregon DEQ. The contract was expressly earmarked to send $120,000 to this agency for the purpose of funding a specific position dedicated to revising and weakening Oregon's water clarity standards, the turbidity standard."


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