Saving the Earth, South of the City

Eco message comes from, and to South Bristol Eco message comes from, and to South Bristol A 3 minute short film by Ell of the highlights of the opening weekend of this years Local Food Week in Southville, Ashton and Bedminster, Bristol, UK. The week ran from the 22nd - 30th October 2005. Ell writes: This short is a 'taster' of an aprox 15 minute film about the food week that will be available online next spring. Announcements will be made on Bristol Indymedia and through the Southville Centre. Full articleAlso taking a tour south of the river was the Halloween critical mass, Cyclista writes: Around 200 cyclists and others answered the callout for a Halloween ride in Bristol on Friday night The ride was held in solidarity with the reported clampdown on the 12 year-old monthly London critical mass ride, and to celebrate the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. The callout was issued by an ad hoc collection of individuals involved in peace, transport, climate change and anti-capitalist campaigns. The Bristol ride assembled from 5pm on College Green in central Bristol, on a lovely autumnal evening. A number of participants came in Halloween or other fancy dress, and there were at least 3 mobile sound systems (lots of people had cameras - anyone got any good pictures???). The ride was good natured, but very slow! Riders worked well to ensure motorists didn't drive into the mass, and motorists were generally well behaved. It proceeded from College Green around St Augustines Parade, where it was held right up by traffic jams, down south along Redcliffe Way & Redcliffe Hill, over Bedminster bridge, and along York Rd to Temple Meads. It went north along Temple Gate, temple Way and Bond Street, before proceeding up Stokes Croft. It then ended on City Road at about 7.30pm, where a Halloween lantern procession was beginning....This world is not ours to ruin. Full article| Local Food Week, Southville Ashton and Bedminster 2005 | Video (on UK Indymedia) | Big turnout for Halloween critical mass | Halloween Solidarity Ride in Bristol | Challenge Bristol Airport's masterplan! | The growth imperative | |


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