São Paulo´s Mayor promotes social hygiene operation in downtown


Poor residents expelling, repression to homeless and itinerant workers, police violence on occupied buildings and persecution on social movements are a balance of the social hygiene operation leaded by Sao Paulo’s mayor José Serra and his Secretary of Services Andrea Matarazzo – who is also responsible for local downtown management - in the name of a "Downtown Gentrification" of São Paulo city.

Since the begginig of his administration, Serra (Brazilian Social Democracy Party - PSDB) has took over this project making use of BID financing - requested still on Marta Suplicy's (Workers Party - PT) last government (2001/2004). Serra's intent is to promote downtown as a technologic polo by attracting big companies. Innumerable actions has been taken so on: big centre pavements has been opened into streets, so the itinerant cannot work at those places anymore, a so called "anti-homeless" ramp has been constructed under Paulista avenue's viaduct to expel homeless who used to live there. A violent police has invaded many occupied buildings: besides expelling poor population who lived in these places, Serra determined a number of buildings in downtown that must be dispossessed and restored to attract enterprises.

In opposition to the hygienist downtown gentrification many movements has planned actions in solidarity to the poor population of the centre. The International Association of Confectioners Without Borders threw a pie in the face of Housing Secretary Orlando de Almeida during a conference in Sao Paulo University. In other occasion Fórum Centro Vivo, a coalition of many groups based at SP centre, organized an fun act at Services Secretary´s house, Andrea Matarazzo.

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Frederico Freitas (SP-Brasil) 18.Nov.2005 13:08

No trecho que está: "grandes calçadões têm sido abertos entre as ruas, impossibilitando o trabalho de camelôs naqueles locais" deveria ser "ruas tem sido abertas onde havia calçadões". Confiram o original em inglês.