Cascadia Political Prisoner Updates and Communiques

Message from Vegan Prisoner Stephen Marshall:
[10-27-05] How you all doing? I'm in Multinomah County now awaiting trial on December 6th. Listen, I'm having some issues on my vegan diet - they are having trouble believing I'm vegan! I am asking if you could all send Multinomah County a couple letters regarding myself and my vegan diet. That would be a great help! Full Story & a poem

Dispatch from Jeff "Free" Luers about Global Warming
[11-6-05 -- Jeff's Birthday is Dec 5th] It's been a long time since I can remember being happy. It's been even longer since I can remember having hope. When I close my eyes, I can feel my heart breaking. A sadness dwells in my heart that I have never felt before. It goes beyond my comprehension. Tears build in my eyes when I see pictures of melting ice caps. I am so sad for us and for the kids in my life that will inherit the future. How did we let this happen? How could we destroy our home? Our world is going to change. Things we once took for granted will become scarce. It is already starting. We need NOW to start working toward self-sufficiency. Every community needs to start preparing... Full Dispatch

Reportback from Raise A Ruckus for a href="">Full Story

Important Message from Brother Tre Arrow - Dec 5 deadline
[11-26-05] "Thank you to all who have written your letter to the Minister. For those who haven't written their letter yet...IT'S NOT TOO LATE! However, the time is now, please don't wait any longer. The submissions to the Minister are due by Dec. 5, so please write your letter ASAP, so he has your words of support to consider when making his decision." Full Message & Sample Letter

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