Keep Death Off Our Streets ... And The Guards On Their Toes

Street Seen's Magical Mystery Protest . From the newswire: Street Seen sure know how to show a crowd a good time. In the space of three hours we had; a rally with music; two occupations; and a magical mystery protest march. All to highlight the growing number of people dying on our streets for the want of a home. Joan Collins, John Boorman and some of Kila turned up to show support. A small, but perfectly fromed, crowd were entertained by singers, musicians and the Happy Samba Band. The well worn Kila bodhran made an appearance too. The first occupation was in the old Colaiste Mhuire building on Parnell Square, where banners were hung from the windows. The first guards to arrive were the undercover / unmarked car variety. Uniforms arrived later but meanwhile the two from the first car walked through the crowd asking 'who's in charge?' While they practiced their interrorgation skills, those who were in the building made good their escape. Reinforced - the large group of guards made their way into the building but neglected to leave a man on the door. The door, closed firmly in the faces of the protestors, proved too much of a temptation for some. The cry went up ' anyone got a padlock?'. Surprisingly, someone had and it was employed on the door. The guards were now locked in. More reinforcements arrived and a bolt cutters the size of my leg was used to free them from the prison of their own making. Previous Coverage "Bertie, Where's Our Houses?" Housing protest meeting discuss use of "containers" to house the homeless Homeless Propose Motion At Dublin City Council Interview: TommyWhen the crowd tired of the guards, like a kitten tires of a ball of yarn, it was decided to go for a walk. Heading down Parnell Square West we changed direction and headed back up by the previously occupied building and along the north side of the square. Taking our place in the heavy evening traffic we marched the usual route down to O'Connell Street. In a fit of spontaneity the group took a sharp left, down Cathal Brugha Street, and seeing a garda car coming out of a laneway leading to Cathedral Street decided it was an omen and took the turn for the laneway. The garda car had to do a u-turn to keep following but by the time it had done so, the lane was cluttered with makeshift barricades. O'Connell Street and proudly we marched under Larkin's statue, closely followed by yet more guards. A quick u-turn and we were heading back towards the Square. The guards mobilised quickly, cutting accross the traffic island - so we did it again and headed towards O'Connell Bridge. Confusion and much laughter... and then we saw Supermacs. A sore point for many homeless people as they (Supermacs) are quite willing to sell them food but won't allow them to sit in the restaurant to eat. The occupation was on and in we went. The banner unfurled - one of the homeless men addressed the 'diners' , infroming them of the reason why we gave them all dyspepsia. (The heartburn we blame on the food.) Then we all piled into the streets, giddy as schoolgirls and having bought nothing. Mingling with the Christmas shoppers, the crowd dissipated and the guards were left guarding an empty Supermacs. The Homeless are Revolting - Join Them.


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