Toxic Spill

Chemical Spill Timely in Face of PFS Nuke Waste Site Issue

Thousands of gallons of toxic acids spilled from a railroad car in Salt Lake City, UT on Sunday, March 6, 2005. This incident resulted in approximately 8,000 evacuations, emergency response snafus, and other community disruptions. This incident came on the heels of the decision to allow Private Fuel Storage the license to .store nuclear waste in Utah
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Chronological list of articles on spill and related items, Monday, Marh 7 - Sunday, March 13:

Salt Lake Tribune:
Toxic spill fuels scare
'All pretty confusing': Residents largely in the dark after they are ordered to leave area
Photo: Chemical Spill
Authorities list dangers posed by acid spill
Recent chemical spills
Blame flies after spill
Site cleanup should be completed today
Response to spill draws high praise
Tanker Leak Facts
Fire chief stays cool in spill crisis
Agencies to pinpoint accountability in spill
Hazardous import: The state still is behind many others in accepting the waste
Latest N-waste option: Just stay put
Spills call the safety of rail into question
Who is at fault? Amount of waste coming into Utah increases fourfold

Deseret News:
Thousands flee toxic leak
Blame just starting as cleanup of acid ends
Basic questions hover over toxic tanker leak

Apparently blind to the inherent risks associated with transportation of nuclear waste, Utah's two U.S. senators urge White House to go straight for Yucca
Utah nuclear fuel fight going to White House
Utah N-waste plea wins sympathy . . . but White House offers little hope of preventing temporary storage in state
Nuke battle: Utahns reload
Bush asked to fight Goshute plan

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