Open Classroom

Cooperative Learning Program to Negotiate Charter

27 Year Old Open Classroom at Washington Elementary Votes to Negotiate Charter with Salt Lake District :

In a huge step for expanding cooperative public education in Utah, the Open Classroom at Washington Elementary Steering Board, utilizing the consensus model of decision-making, decided unanimously in their October meeting to negotiate a charter with the Salt Lake City School District. If successful, the district charter would be the first in Utah, a new precedent distinct from the State charter program currently used by many pursuing alternative models of education in Utah. Benefits to the program include expanded facilities, autonomous administration, and expanded enrollment opportunities.

For more information about the open classroom and enrollment, click here.

There is also a secondary charter school in Salt Lake City,City Academy, which provides a 7-12 progressive education.

For more information about cooperative education, check out the book written about the Open Classroom model Learning Together: Children and Adults in a School Community


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