Northern Ontario in the Crosshairs for Nuclear Waste Disposal

On November 7th, the Globe and Mail ran an editorial piece condemning David Ramsey (Ontario's Minister of Natural Resources) among others for rejecting a proposal on nuclear waste disposal from a Federal agency.

Ramsey is quoted as saying: "We don't like the idea of nuclear waste coming to Northern Ontario."

This is the latest in what is likely to be a long battle stemming from the three year research plan of the federal Nuclear Waste Management Organization. Their plan is a $24 billion �phased� approach to centralize the burial of nuclear waste which "should be located in either Quebec, Ontario, or Saskatchewan".

On June 21st of this year in response to local grassroots pressure, North Bay became the first municipality to pass a bylaw stating that nuclear waste could not even travel through the municipality. Still, the Federal government spent the past year searching the country for communities or reserves that would be willing to benefit financially for interring the waste. How did Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay shape up?

Remind David Ramsey of how Northern Ontario feels about nuclear waste:
The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Greenpeace Canada
Sierra Club of Canada
Northeastern Ontario's own Northwatch


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