CPT's Tom Fox, now a captive in Iraq, was a graduate of Chattanooga High School

The Chattanooga Times Free Press carried a page one article on Tom Fox, one of the four Christian Peacemaker Team captives in Iraq, noting that had attended Chattanooga High School in the 1960s. The newspaper’s article is summarized here. Included as well is a CPT post of Fox’s reflection, “Why We Are Here,” written the day before he was abducted. I had trained with two of the CPT Chicago corps at Training for Change in Philadelphia during a 4-day workshop on Nonviolent Third Party Intervention, have visited with CPT’s Hebron team in the West Bank as well as a team in Chiapas, Mexico, and know the U.S.-Canadian group to be courageous and extraordinarily principled. Fox’s thoughts and story reflects this courage and principled strength.

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