Prescott College Students Return From Thanksgiving Relief Efforts in New Orleans

Fourteen Prescott residents returned from a week of work ranging from cooking food with the Rainbow Gathering in Washington Square Park to providing one-on-one aid to families just returned to the ninth ward in the process of gutting their homes.

The group expressed the still urgent need for grassroots efforts in the Gulf where too many have received inadequate or no help from FEMA or the Red Cross.

How To Get Involved with New Orleans Relief?

1. Go Yourself. See the truth, the people, the hope and get your hands dirty. It is very easy to arrive and to become involved and they can use help at any point.

Places to Start:

The Common Ground Collective: 504-913-9691 Corner of Press and St. Claude in the 9th Ward of Eastern New Orleans. A grass-roots and locally run operation working to bring former inhabitants back to the ward by coordinating volunteer teams to cleans houses, create community spaces and hand our food and cleaning supplies. This is the main on-the-ground relief in the hardest hit and most impoverished part of the city.

� The Algiers Common Ground: Linked to the same organization as above, under the leadership of Malik Rahim, but operating in a nearby part of the city. Involved with political and more long-term rebuilding plans including green designs, permaculture, etc.

� The Iberville Coalition: 504-883-8225 A Group focused on bringing public housing members of the Iberville and Forest Hill Projects back into their homes and fighting redevelopment.

� Mama Dee: 1733 N Dorgenois An individual with houses and an operation working in the 7th Ward much in a similar manner to the Common Ground Collective.

� Rainbow Family Kitchen, Formerly in Washington Park but currently relocating. A soup kitchen offering three meals a day to the people of New Orleans. Also are doing work elsewhere.

Animal Rescue: Jane 843-343-8887 or Rob 253-307-0969 A group working to rescue and find homes for animals found in the flooded districts of the city.

Other Helpful Links: Katrina Action, New Orleans Indymedia


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