Prescott Made Me Do It

New Record Label Highlights Prescott Punk Scene

Kelvin-Helmholtz Record Label brings Prescott punk to the recording world. Formed by co-directors Roland Swedlund, Colton Harris, and Andrew Lane, the label is committed to supporting Arizona Independent music. Honoring their roots first to the Prescott music scene, the label will slowly start to encompass bands throughout the area and state.

A recent show at Prescott College's Sam Hill Warehouse highlighted bands from their first CD release titled Prescott Made Me Do It including Blankets, All Fired Up, Sister, The Swim, Skyline Blue, Against All Odds, L Train Radio, The Living Amps, Phillipino Stepchild, Ember Crocker, Time's Up, Art Vandalay, Krongo, Hour of the Wolf, Invisible Orchestra, and Say Valley Maker.


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