Women Confronting Globalization

Latina community activists from Chile and the United States will discuss women's collective struggle for economic justice and gender equality throughout the Americas. They will discuss how the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and other free trade agreements threaten women and indigenous people's livelihoods. Margarita Plaza Vargas, a Chilean journalist, has also worked on community radio with indigenous communities in Chiapas, and has worked extensively with the FZLN, the political wing of the Zapatista indigenous rights movement. Vargas will discuss the central role women take in the innovative Chiapas movement, from their work in weaving cooperatives to assuming political leadership. Vargas will be accompanied by Christina Obreg?n, a grassroots organizer at the Mexico Solidarity Network. Obreg?n has worked alongside undocumented workers in the US in the struggle to gain civil rights, as well as with the mothers of femicide victims in Ju?rez and Chihuahua, Mexico to end impunity. She also coordinates a medical aid program for communities in Chiapas.

Wednesday December 7th, 2005, 7 PM Portland State University, Smith Student Union, Room 327


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