Statement from the Friends of the Catalyst

We mourn the passing of our dear friend and community member, Bill Rodgers, who worked tirelessly for the causes of social justice and environmental sustainability. We ask that he be remembered as the gentle, kind, and compassionate person we all knew and loved here in Prescott. We remain committed to continuing the work of community building and ecological awareness, through the Catalyst Infoshop, as part of the legacy Bill helped to create. We wish our friend the peace and serenity that he strived so hard to create in this world. This is a great loss for our community. We love you, Bill.

Bill was found dead in a jail cell in Flagstaff early on December 22nd, where he was being held until extradition to Washington state. The Coconino County sheriff's office and medical examiner said that he had committed suicide by placing a plastic bag over his head while he was in his one-person cell.

Bill and his partner, Katie, planted the seed which grew into the Catalyst Infoshop - a bookstore, meeting space and community center in Prescott, Arizona. Bill was also a member of the Arizona Indymedia collective.


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