Santa goes on liberation spree - 36 animals rescued


Santa and his elves have continued their spree of good deeds, rescuing 30 hens from a west Auckland battery hen farm. This comes just days after liberating 6 chicks from a Tegel broiler farm, also near Auckland.

All these animals had been living in factory farms - crowded filthy sunless sheds - their whole lives. Their liberation at the hands of Santa was the first time they had been able to go outside, scratch the earth and experience sunlight. For the battery hens it would have been the first time they could fully spread their wings. All the animals would have ended up at the slaughterhouse if not for the rescues.

Santa also took a trip to the south last week, joining a protest against the coal mine at Happy Valley. The mine will destroy fragile ecosystems of the valley, and kill animals including endangered Kiwi and giant snails.


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