Environmentalist Witch Hunt 2005

This week [ early December ] approx. 6 people were arrested in connection with alleged arsons and environmental activism (resulting in property damage) in the Pacific NW. I have said we needed to "support" them, and people have written me asking why I am asking people support "terrorists." The people who are charged with these crimes, themselves, do not call themselves, or identify as, "eco-terrorists." I can start my reasons for support there...that media labeling is divisive. | read more >>

Plea Bargains: Torture for Confessions

Can torture produce a legitimate confession? The debate is ancient, worldwide and ongoing. Most respected authorities agree that confessions made under duress have serious problems. Basic American contractual law acknowledges the problems therein, and thus contracts must be made with an "arm's length" bargaining, meaning parties must have a somewhat uncohersed negotiating positionality. Yet such standards are lost on the accused in America's courtrooms... | read more >>

"American Taliban" Vs. "Eco-Terrorist" Sentencing Guidelines

Sentencing in American courts needs some accountability. John Walker Lindh, found hiding with Taliban in fight against US troops in Afghanistan which killed one CIA agent: 20 years. Yaser Hamdi, under similar circumstances: 3 years. Jeff Luers accused of arson on 3 SUVs in Eugene: 20 years. The Green River Murderer confesses to torturing, raping and killing over 40 women: Life in Prison. Threatened sentence on accused environmental activists arrested this week: Life. | read more >>

Spying Techniques 101

All this talk about the U.S. government spying on Americans, secret CIA prisons, informants, etc., has me thinking people need to know more about spying. Spying is actually a licensed industry. I did private detective work in the late 1990's-2000, and it was an eye opening experience. I learned if you feel you are being followed, SLOW DOWN. It is almost impossible to follow a car going noticeably slow without raising suspicion... | read more >>

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