Self Defence Workshop

The elites of capitalism have made one too many mistakes. Blatant mistakes like: Enron, Iraq, Katrina, executing Stanley Tookie Williams, CIA torture camps, forcing yet another power plant on to indigenous lands, rolling blackouts, further steps to criminalize queers, steps to criminalize democratic labor, building a bigger fence around Mexico, and whole sale attacks on the activist community. All this has played to a steady backdrop of economic imperialism, and racist celebrations of this nation's history.

Everyday people are starting to say this shits played out. One of our collective members recently had to tell a conservative, Republican, member of their family that they shouldn't talk about this countries need to "kill the president" in the house. Merry Christmas indeed!

It's clear that all this oppression is unifying people. Our unity is strength. Our unity strikes fear into the hearts of the federal capitalist's government, and drives them to dump billions into snitches, under-covers, and NSA programs to spy us out, and break us up.

It's also clear that the government has a monopoly on force. When the people have had enough, every single one of us will have to defend ourselves from this dying government. The struggle needs you! We have a need, and duty to learn the skills to survive.


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