Save Our State schooled in El Cajon

Immigrant-bashing haters schooled at "Day Labor" protest in El Cajon

Nine supporters of the immigrant-bashing organization Save Our State protested "terrorism" and "day laborers" outside of the Home Depot in El Cajon this morning. Their goal was to bring attention to the "illegals" seeking work in front of the store.

They were part of a multi-state, coordinated effort--that failed miserably.

In El Cajon they were outnumbered at least 4 to 1 by human rights advocates. At other sites, such as Glendale, CA and Denton, TX there were fewer than a dozen S.O.S.ers/Minutemen and hundreds of day labor supporters.

As is often the case with these folks, their message was muddled and ignorant. When asked to make the connection between "fighting terrorism" and standing outside of a Home Depot waving U.S. flags...surprise...not one of them could explain themselves.

One of the day laborers, a white guy born and raised in El Cajon, held a sign saying, "Here to work, not to protest. Without immigrants, there would only be Native Americans, anyway." A skater kid from Alpine, who spontaneously joined in supporting the day laborers while on his way to "table scoring" breakfast, responded to one of the protesters--"What do you mean "illegal alien" we're all part of the same race...the human race!" I think these sentimates really sum up the day.

By nine o'clock, the S.O.S.ers abandoned their pathetic efforts...Gente Unida members escorted them to their cars.

P.S. No corporate media showed up to broadcast their racist message.


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