A Busy Newswire: Time for a News Update!

News Update...News Update...News Update...News Update News Update...News Update...News Update...News Update In transport – rail campaigners prepare to present a present a petition of 2000 signatures to the West of England Partnership on Monday 6th February, while the bus fares campaign meeting was standing room only! They have also set up an email list - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bristol_Bus_User/. The Bristol North Pool campaign continues with a meeting on the 7th February at Cafe Neo. The anti-G8 campaign group, Bristol Dissent!, has decided to conclude, but a new group (or groups) seem to be forming out of the campaign - come to the meeting on the 15th Feb at Kebele to find out more! Finally St.Werburghs has had one of its illegal billboard removed by campaigners while over in Bath, action against the fur trade has been stepped up. Rail campaigners presenting 2000 signature petition | Report back of buses meeting | Bus Fare Email List | The Work Begins | The Conclusion of Bristol Dissent! - The Evolution of Dissent | this what Anarchy looks like? | St.Werburghs billboards | Bath anti-fur day of action |

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