Auckland: Public Rally to stop low pay!


"There comes a time in everyone’s lives, when we have to make a stand for justice. This is one of those times!"

You are invited to attend a free Public Rally to Support Low Paid Workers (Featuring Imon Star from Rhombus, Olmecha, top NZ comedians, speakers and Rosita Vai from New Zealand Idol), 2pm – 4pm, Sunday 12 February, Auckland Town Hall, Queen Street.

The purpose of the meeting is to approve Unite’s bargaining strategy for all its members in 2006 and to get the whole community to support Unite’s campaign. The campaign’s three main claims are:

  • A minimum wage set at $12 per hour (Even if workers are paid more than this, any success will help lift all wages)
  • Abolish Youth Rates (Workers under 18 who do the same work as adults should get paid the same pay)
  • Secure hours of work (Many workers never know how many hours they will get each week)


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