Student Walkouts and Resistance to HR4437

10:00AM, 3/28 - repost from a city college student says that she saw "all of San Diego High School", what looked like thousands of students, running from school downtown. She said that the situation was very chaotic and that there looked like a strong chance of arrests being made.

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--- DJ Pepperbox of radioActive sanDiego:
This afternoon, over a thousand students from high schools and colleges
in San Diego walked out of school in protest of The Sensenbrenner-King
bill, HR4437. The students gathered at the corner of Park blvd. and
Bst, in downtown San Diego. Students then marched to Chicano park in
mass. Students from SDSU Mecha, City College's Resistencia Estudantil,
and the ISO were also present.

--- In a call placed to the LAUSD an official for the district stated
that 24,680 students walked out of classes today to protest
Anti-immigrant law H.R. 4437. The official said that students from 52
separate middle schools and high schools throughout the district
have walked out. Many students have joined a rally now taking place at
city hall and numbering in the 1000s. More walkouts are expected

--- Hundreds of San Jose high school and middle school students walked
out of their schools and gathered in front of city hall today to
protest pending immigration reforms. And in San Francisco, more than
1,000 protesters were heading into the city's main thoroughfare, Market
Street, just before noon today.

--- Hundreds of boisterous Orange County youth marched north on Harbor
Blvd. toward the Anaheim Police Department protesting the proposed

Reclaiming this country
Reclaiming this country
--- Thousands of protesters -- mostly teenage students -- took to the
streets throughout San Diego County on Monday to voice their opposition
to an immigration bill being debated in Congress. One of the largest and
most boisterous demonstrations occurred in Escondido, where hundreds
of youths from Orange Glen and San Pasqual high schools marched
along streets and chanted in front of City Hall, police said.

--- My experience substitute teaching during the student walk outs
protesting anti-immigrant laws... I just watched the channel 2 news and
they said 26,000 students walked out and that every middle school and
high school in LAUSD is going to be on lock-down tomorrow. I heard from
my housemate that all the students from different schools met downtown
and some of them actually managed to block the freeway!! I was
attempting to drive through downtown this afternoon and saw some people
protesting and a lot of cops. I heard that many students are
communicating through flyering and through my space.

--- I got the call at about 10 AM - “Dad, there is a huge walk out at
school and I’m going over the fence with them!” That was my daughter
calling. She is a student at Fresno High. By the time I grabbed my
camera and got to the scene of the march the students were half way
downtown. With fire trucks with their lights flashing trying to catch
up, cops on motorcycles and in cars stopping traffic, hundreds of
students had taken over the street and were moving toward City Hall.
They did not confine themselves to one lane or the sidewalk. These kids
had taken over both lanes of Palm Avenue, a main artery to downtown

--About 150 students from an Aldine school (Houston) staged a walkout
this morning, hiking several miles to protest a potential congressional
crackdown on illegal immigration. After walking some eight miles from
Eisenhower High School, 7922 Antoine, to the U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services office at 126 Northpoint Drive, the group stood
outside holding signs and a Mexican flag for about two hours.

from LA indymedia:
LOS ANGELES, March 25, 2006 – Over 500,000 people filled the streets of
downtown Los Angeles today. City officials are saying it is the largest
demonstration they have ever seen. Both the Mayor and the Chief of
police attended the demonstration and voiced opposition to the proposed
anti-immigrant law HR4437, which is to be debated in the Senate this

Reports with photos:


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From the Newswire:

--- Houston (5,000):

--- Watsonville/Salinas (2,500):

--- Arizona (more than 20,000):

Fernando Suarez del Solar, Pablo Paredes, Camilo Mejia, and Aidan
are leading a "coalition of the willing" on a 241-mile quest for
peace. They
started in Tijuana, Mexico on March 12th, passed through Marine Corps
Camp Pendleton to the Cesar Chavez burial site in La Paz, CA, and will
end in
the Mission district of San Francisco.


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