Thousands of Students Protest HR4437

Representing schools from around the city, including: Patrick Henry, Kearny, Hoover, San Diego High, Memorial Academy, Serra High, National City and City College!

Students walked out of classes and converged in Chicano Park today to protest HR4437 - a proposal that passed the House and is now before the Senate that would make undocumented immigrants felons, would make it a crime to help undocumented immigrants in a non-emergency (such as letting undocumented students attend school!!!) and would provide incentives for local law enforcement to detain undocumented immigrants as well.

While estimates ranged from 1500 to 3000 throughout the day, one thing was perfectly clear: students, whether documented or not, are pissed.

More photos of the Hoover High walkout:

More photos from Chicano Park:

Coming in from as far as Tierrasanta and Linda Vista, high school students gathered to protest the latest in a series of racist laws proposed by politicians jumping on the growing bandwagon of those who believe that immigrants are to blame for current woes in the U.S. Racist laws that propose to "fix" the border by locking it down, using undocumented immigrants as their political pawns.

While there was a brief and disappointing moment where members of rival gangs needed to be separated and escorted out, the majority of today's rally was inspiring.

To quote Angel, a Memorial Academy student who, when asked to describe the scene before him to people who could not be there, said: "it feels like family".

Simple. Beautiful. And true.

Keep an eye out for more protests to come!


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