Walkouts Continue to Grow Wednesday

The student walkout continue today. Reports are coming in that around 6,000 students have walked out in opposition to HR4437 and the marches are heading to Chicano Park. Volunteers are needed to help document what is going on and monitor the police, as there have been incidents of police brutality against students in Escondido already.

The walkouts are spreading all over the country, with reports from all over California, Houston, Utah, Michigan, Nevada. The LA Times reports that "officials vow crackdown". Tens of thousands of students have walked out of school in opposition to anti-immigrant legislation, the criminalization of migrant people and in support of amnesty.

This report from 10:20AM: The third day of students walk outs are going strong! Hoover High students were spotted walking through North Park toward Chicano Park again. Their numbers have doubled since yesterday.

LA Times story:


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