Police Brutality Against Students Walking Out

UPDATE: A "Student Unity Meeting" has been called for Friday at 5pm in front of City College:

There have been numerous cases of police brutality against the students walking out. These students are acting as the conscience of a nation too scared to resist the advance of fascism, in this case embodied in racist, anti-immigrant legislation. People have a responsibility to support these students and their efforts to resist HR4437. In addition to these cases, students face the violent "lockdown" tactics from schools including refusing access to bathrooms, locking classroom doors and campus gates, endangering the students.

In Escondido, over 10 students were arrested on Monday. They were pepper sprayed and one protester was thrown to the ground and received a broken nose.

Video of police violence against students in Escondido:

In Carson [near Los Angeles] students from several area schools clashed with deputies outside Carson High School, resulting in three arrests by deputies...

At some point, students began throwing water bottles, apples, oranges and other objects at deputies, prompting deputies to shoot one student with a bean bag round and fire pepper spray into the crowd, said Zymkowitz.

In Santa Cruz, a number of students were beaten with batons.

More video:



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