Call Centre Blues

Press 1 For Revolt, Press 2 for a Strike: Calling all Call Centre Kiddies!!! Press 1 For Revolt, Press 2 for a Strike: Calling all Call Centre Kiddies!!! The Anarchist Prince of the Plantronics writes: No one likes us we dont care. Its time for call centre workers to get their dignity back. Do you work in a call centre in Bristol? Inbound, outbound – you can do it all in your sleep (and sometimes do)? Know every trick in the book, can hit the KPI's standing on your head?...Shit from the customers, who treat you like a subhuman, and speak to you as if you were the company you work for. Did you make the mistake you get the shit for? Nope. Is it your fault they didn’t read the terms and conditions? No sir, it aint. Are you the reason that Mr. Angry is angry? If he talks like that to everyone, then its more likely the fact he knows deep down that his wife is cheating on him and his kids hate his guts. Despite all this, you’re the person who has to sit there and take the "Two Minute Hate" without even being able to defend yourself...Shit from the team leaders, who come across all pally, until they notice your black trousers are really jeans and then its into the office for the "If I could let it slide I would but I cant" speech....Shit from the '80's reject' managers who swan around in too-tight trousers or horror make up, treating the place like their personal kingdom. Stats are up? You get a thank you and then the targets are increased, they get a 10% bonus and their gormless face in the corporate magazine....Shit from the company, who bring in the misleading packaging that they know will cause a shed load of complaints that YOU will have to deal with....Shit from the employment agencys who pile lies onto lies and expect you to cheer when they offer you the same call centre job you worked at last year, but for 20p less an hour. Who make you sit 10 different tests, nod encouragingly as you list your qualifications, gaze admiringly at your interview suit, then offer you inbound at Client Logic for £4.10 an hour? No paid lunch, 1 day holiday a year if you agree to never go sick, no choice of the hours you work, no chance of going permanent because they’ve stitched you up on the contract. Full article| Calling all Call Centre Kiddies!!! | Call centres, Britain’s 21st century high tech’ sweat shops ( | More Workers News: Defend Our Public Services Demo 29th April |


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