Common Ground Collective co-founder Scott Crow Under Investigation by FBI

Common Ground Collective co-founder Scott Crow has recently come under investigation by the FBI as well as the ATF. At around 8:00 am on Wednesday, April 5th, two FBI agents, one of whom identified himself as Evan Ray, came knocking on his door in Austin, TX, asking many questions including whether Scott was stockpiling firearms. Robert King Wilkerson, former political prisoner, Black Panther and member of the Angola 3 ( who is a guest at Scott's house, answered the door and informed the two agents that Scott was out of town and refused to answer any of the agent's questions.

Over the years Scott has been a dedicated activist for social justice, being involved with a number of local and national groups and campaigns around issues of political prisoners, racism, prisons, and the environment. Recently he has received national attention for work he did co-founding the human rights organization Common Ground Collective in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

The FBI's harassment of those working for change in our world is meant to intimidate and isolate. It is important that we step up and stand in solidarity with our friends and comrades when the state singles them out for harassment. It is also important that we remain uncooperative with all law enforcement investigations of our political activities.


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