Eric McDavid Extremely Sick, Denied Access to Doctors

Sheriff Lou Blanas
916.874.5332 fax

Eric Taylor McDavid (x-ref #2972521)
Sacramento County Main Jail

651 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.874.8984 fax

Eric McDavid, who was arrested in Auburn, CA in January as part of the government's recent Green Scare, is very ill and needs to see a doctor. He is passing out, losing weight rapidly and is unable to hold down most of what little vegan food he is given. After 98 days of pretrial incarceration, Eric is still being denied vegan meals by the jail. Now, after this protracted period of malnutrition Eric's health has taken a turn for the worse. A doctor and nutritional nurse within the jail have both suggested that Eric be given vegan protein shakes yet the jail continues to pretend that they are unable to accomodate his health and nutritional needs. Eric has not seen a doctor in over a week and his health has not improved. The cause of Eric's poor health is not known because he is not getting proper medical attention. All that we know at this time is that Eric is ill, suffering from medical neglect and needs food he can eat to help recover.

Please take the time to contact the jail and spread the word about Eric's condition. There is no excuse for this persistent medical neglect.

Call the Sacramento County Main Jail and demand immediate medical attention and vegan food for Eric Taylor McDavid (x-ref #2972521)


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good luck getting culpability from satan and company

john 25.Sep.2007 05:04

from the last place i visited....

you people encourage and inspire me, but most of you
are very naive. The system is the way it is because
those in charge are sadistic and evil people, by means
of systemic indoctrination to being bullies, to demonizing the inmates, and to egotism and pack psychology. People are dying or getting diseases not because the care isn't there, but because the guards
and medical staff intentionally withold it as part of
the torture. Yes, also, this is all about making 3000
dollars a head per month. Replacements are as easy to
find as the next fishing session of the homeless. Evil
PIGS are trained to think and act as predators, and
to percieve any extra suffering they can heap upon
their victims as an extra boon to their process. I know all of this because i have lived through it.
I was fished, put in jail, put in a two person isolation cell with a person who obviously had serious
staph infections, repeatedly asked for treatment, had it repeatedly denied on absolutely orwellian grounds,
and eventually developed my own staph infection which
they also refused to treat, also on orwellian grounds.
The guards and the police are truly EVIL people.
Until you understand this, and confront them on those
terms, nothing will change. Everything allegedly being
done to change the system is a farce. It does no good
to have better equipment, better medicines, better
theoretical process when medical care is denied specifically as yet another form of torture. These deaths and injuries and diseases are not accidents; they are intentional aspects of a system modeled on
hell.Medical deprivation is just one more pitchfork
for the demons to use.