¡Apoyo a la HUELGA de los INMIGRANTES! Strike & march on May Day!

Millions of immigrants are taking to the streets in protest against the vicious legislation Congress has been rigging up against them. There are bills that would turn 10-12 million people in this country into felons overnight, bills that would lock millions of people into second class status for 12-13 years before they could get citizenship, bills for a "guest worker" program to super-exploit the 1.5 million Mexican, Caribbean and other workers in agriculture, bills that would subject immigrants to a police-state regime, and much more. Besides these bills, this great eruption of protest is also connected with the underlying anger that has for years been building against the racial discrimination and oppression that non-white immigrants are subjected to.

Driving the reactionary Congressional crusade is the fact that the capitalists want immigrant labor without rights so that they can more profitably exploit it. Laws that keep millions of immigrant workers living in fear of deportation if they strike or otherwise stand up for their rights serves this purpose, as do "guest worker" laws that deny these workers the same rights as other workers. In this way the profits of the capitalists are maximized while the living and working conditions of the working class as a whole are driven downward.

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