Back to Back Cafe Closing Party

The Back to Back Cafe's last day of operation at their current location of 614 E. Burnside will be May 14th, marking the end of four years of caffeinating the resistance. To celebrate this sad, yet momentous occasion we will be holding an all day music extravaganza, featuring The Marsupials, Guau Guau, The Advisory, Alan Singley, Please Step Out of the Vehicle and Drunken Boat. Music starts at 5 pm and goes till the cops show up.

The Back to Back Cafe is a worker owned and operated coffee shop, serving shade-grown, organic, fair trade coffee as well as a variety of yummy vegetarian food. We promote an alternate way to run a business, focusing on supporting social & economic justice and
sustainable practices and dismantling hierarchical systems. The cafe has also served as a much needed all ages venue, as a meeting space for many groups and as a classroom for free ESL classes. We pride ourselves on being a resource to our community and more than
just another coffee shop. Our space is shared with the Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the offices of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, as a result of which we've formed many enriching & rewarding relationships across
class and cultural lines.

We hope to re-open in NE Portland by late summer and continue to serve the people from our new home. Please join us for a celebration of our life so far and everything to come in the future.


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