'Not Guilty' Verdict For Bristol G8 Defendant

Bristol 1 - 0 Babylon summary G8 Defendant writes: After nearly a year on bail the last remaining Bristol G8 defendant got a “not guilty” verdict and “admonishment” after defending them self in Stirling Sheriff court yesterday. The defendant said “it feels great to be off bail but lets not let this small victory give us any faith in the legal system, the real criminals are still at large". Whilst all the trials for the initial offences by Bristol activists at G8 have already been settled, this case was for the spurious secondary charge of “breach of bail conditions” imposed upon release from the initial offence and for a later “failure to appear in court” despite having advised the court in advance that the defendant could not attend.This was the case for two Bristol activists, who on the Friday evening after the Summit had ended, and the camp was closing down, entered the Stirling site, were searched and filmed by police but gave no names as were not a driving vehicles. Within half an hour, after collecting their belongings and vehicle, they left the site only to be stopped again. Under section 60 of the Terrorism Act the driver has to give his name, which he did and was promptly arrested for breach of bail conditions despite fulfilling the caveat of passing through to collect belongings for the puposes of moving to a home address. He was shortly followed by the navigator, now turned driver, who despite having already plead guilty and thus was not even on bail was similarly arrested for breach of bail conditions. She was released the next day, police realising their mistake. Meanwhile the first driver was kept in till Monday and now a year later in a court of law after multiple trips to Scotland Babylon have finally caved in to being wrong. Full Article| Bristol 1 - 0 Babylon | G8 Legal Support | G8 Archives: 03/11/05 "Drop the G8 charges" - Demands Defendants Solidarity group | 20/10/05: It's a Fair Cop | 28/07/05: G8 2005 issues: Two short video interviews from Bristol | Bristol G8 Protest: 06/07/05: Bristol rocked against the G8 | Bristol G8 protest Pictures | Some more Bristol anti-G8 protest pics |

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