All Newborns To Be Microchipped?

Although it seems impossible, plans are well underway to control every move and thought of the American population once the New World Order ends it period of extended violence, a stage of takeover the country is now experiencing.

Jody Paulson Radio4All RFID Commentary: You've no doubt heard of RFID tags. They are used in tracking animals and many commercial products. They basically transmit information, in many cases just a number. But, as we all know, a unique number in a database can be connected with whatever information we desire. Give me your social security number, and with the proper clearances I can find out your credit history, job history, criminal history, shopping history, medical history -- you name it.

RFID tags are currently being used in the Sutter, California school district to simplify attendance-taking, potentially reduce vandalism and "improve student safety." Right now they are being worn as badges, but there are many RFID advocates who want to implant the tags under the skin -- so they don't get lost. The school's principal hopes to add bar codes to the existing ID's so that students can use them to pay for cafeteria meals and check out library books.

Passive RFID tags don' t need a power supply: the electric current induced in the antenna by the incoming scan provides enough power for the tag to send a response. They can be read from up to 5 meters (or yards) away. Imagine what life would be like if everyone was forced, like the kids at Brittan elementary, to wear RFID tags, or worse, have them implanted under the skin? It'd sure make things easy for the guys in authority, wouldn't it? A cop zaps a guy from his car and his computer returns a prior drug conviction. There's probable cause!


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