Sick of Halliburton? I am...yet,

Halliburton Protest Continues O.k. so I don't know how to do a press release, but here's the info any way. People Before Profit! O.k. so I don't know how to do a press release, but here's the info any way. People Before Profit!    HALLIBURTON PROTEST In Duncan Municipal Court I pled Not Guilty last Wednes. May 31st. This Thurs. June 8th I'll Hopefully be "heard" in the courtroom. At 1:30 in Duncan in the Municipal Court. 714 Willow Rex Friend a lawyer from OKC will be asking me some General Questions and i'm working on my answers to be as concise and to the point as possible . First i need to adress crossing the line: Violation of Permit 1. I signed the People's Indictment as an individual, I crossed the line as an individual, I don't understand how could i be limited by a permit that i never saw? Obtained by a group OK Veterans for Peace, that i don't belong to, being that i'm not a Veteran? 2. When i knew i would be arrested, i thought that it would be a rather minor violation weighed in my head and heart of possibly preventing the greater harm which Halliburton's business practices continue to create, seemingly with little to No accountability. Hopefully this is when Rex would ask me a general question, ie perhaps, what harm is that? Harm to the Environment through Profit before Environment practices such as in Nigeria where they've been flaring gas for years. Harm to the Communities abroad where their Profit before People has devastated communities , Nigeria comes to mind again. Harm to Our Troops placed further in harms way by having to escort non vital to the security of Iraq, contractors of Halliburton such as * KBR employees , who travel there to check on Halliburton's interests and profits that have come before the health and safety of our sons and daughters serving our Govt.'s interests in the Middle East. Harm to our Nation's resources in the form of war profiteering, such as Halliburtons' KBR division's quarterly 284% increase in profit in July 2005, When audits by the Pentagon determined that KBR had 1 Billion in expenses the military considered "unreasonable" and 442 Million in "unsupported" expenses, as in No receipt or any explanation to the military to say how those expenses were disbursed. Is David Lesar or Halliburton itself held Accountable? Not by our govt. these were "let go", for all of the above. On May 17th the People themselves were trying to do what our Govt. Should do, and that's to bring some sort of accountability to a Corporation gone awry. We were not allowed to bring this to the shareholder's meeting, we were arrested. Before we'd even been allowed to go 20 feet we were met with handcuffs and then prison cells. We were each fined 89 dollars and had our mug shots taken. Held for hours in cells that i consider to be sub human enclosures. All this, while David Lesar and Halliburton were announcing an 80/20 split, Rewarding KBR division greater reign rather than even an attempt at adressing the very real concerns brought out by our own Pentaagon/Military. If it goes as i think it will, where the judge finds me guilty: if i get a chance, i'll say: The court Demands accountability from me, a private citizen exercising my First Amendment Right while still on Public Property of the Simmons Center Parking lot, the town of Duncan fined and imprisoned me for this, yet Halliburton is found to be in errors much graver to the global Ecology, Local foreign economies, placing our troops in greater harms way, All the while charging Us as Taxpayers who pay for our Nation's military, a Billion in Questionable expenses and 442 Million in Unsupported expenses, with No fines, no Accountability. I am More than willing to be held accountable for my actions, my choices and my spending (which considering it costs me at least 50 dollars in gas each time,to have come to Duncan),which i've done three times now, as well as my bail are not trivial nor easy. Yet , i would do it again to in some small way, help prevent the Greater Harm which IS Halliburton, and what our own Pentagon has determined, yet not acted upon, Immoral/Illegal practices of Halliburton and it's subcontractors, Especially KBR! Where is Their Accountability? As a Taxpayer, i want to know. As an American willing to be arrested and jailed for exercising my first amendment right and be held "accountable" by a system gone askew, i want to know, Where is the Accountability from David Lesar and Halliburton? Well there it is guys. I know it's long and i might not get half the time to say it. So i'm posting it here on Independent Media. ....and so i go.... Peace and Justice, joni *Formerly Brown and Root of Houston, interesting history.  


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